Saturday, October 29, 2011


My very first mini pedal! It's a clone of Dan Armstrongs Orange Squeezer. The sustain trimpot inside is tuned to a medium squashy sound. I really love this one! Thank you Soldersound for the layout. My plan is to make a mini pedal board so stay tuned for more mini pedals.


Another clone of the Creamy Dreamer..


This is the Phozer from ROG, the old version. It has a psuedo-phasing-wah kind of sound.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wild Wild West

Clone of the Durham Crazy Horse on veroboard. Very nice drive/fuzz that goes from wild to extra wild!

The Governor +

The Governor+ is a Marshall Gov´nor clone from and a EHX LPB-1 clone together. I have modified the booster with a bias switch witch basically gives me three different gain stages.
I also added a switch that choose the fx-order. Drive --> Boost or Boost --> Drive, very versatile. Etched graphic with Marshall style knob.
Sorry for the rats nest, had to debug and rewire a couple of times.. turned out I'd shorted out the input :-P

Monday, October 3, 2011


This is Madbeans Yello Shark, a clone of the Honey Bee. The etch became a bit shallow so I mixed it up with hand painted artwork. The Bumblebee will make its way to my friend Jacob.

Sax Booster

The Sax Booster is a clone of the AC Booster I made for a friend. He's a saxophone player and a guitarist both and it was his wish to have a saxophone theme as graphic. Turned out pretty nice I'd say!