Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is a Neoctavia from I have modified it with a octave-lift switch to make it more versatile. For sale: 130 EUR

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicken Vibe (Danelectro Chicken Salad rehouse)

The Chicken Salad is a cheap vibe pedal from Danelectro. It has a very convincing uni-vibe sound but the enclosure is crap, so I decided I'd rehouse it. To be able to fine adjust the "wobble" I made the original trim-pot external, using a 10 turn 100 ohm pot. That simple mod really brought out the vibe sound!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pigeon Fuzz

Demo played by Per Moritz.

The Pigeon Fuzz is the Axis Face built on veroboard. This is a very good sounding fuzz that features two unusual NOS transistors. Q2 = SS 108 and Q1 = SF 128.

Long Lasting Love

My friend Tomas ordered this one. The only thing he told me was: make me a pedal called "Long Lasting Love". And so here it is, Long Lasting Love, a clone of Mid-fi Electronics - Clari(not).

Skyline Fuzz

Demo played by Per Moritz. Telecaster ->
Skyline Fuzz -> Custom Vibrolux Reverb.

The Skyline Fuzz is inspired by the Fulltone 70´s Fuzz. It's built on veroboard. A very nice sounding fuzz.


My friend Jacob just couldn't keep his fingers of from my SHOCD, so I had to build one for him as well. This time with fancy green knobs and LEDs.


A very nice combination of the OCD and the Super Hard-On. Check out on how to make 'em. I use this pedal almost every time I'm out on a gig.

Moritz Deluxe

Birthday gift for my friend Per Mortiz. It is two classics combined, a MXR Dynacomp clone and a DOD 250 clone (Per's favorite distortion), The layouts can be found at

Spitfire Octafuzz

This is a clone of the Roger Mayer Octavia from It's etched and painted with green hammertone.

Twin Tremolo

The Twin Tremolo is a modified tremolo. It has two separate channels, each one with its own set of speed and depth knobs. The LED by the select switch is a red/green LED and indicate which channel is active. I also added a volume control. The enclosure is etched.

RAT clone

Clone of the classic RAT distortion. The layout comes from It is of course the right IC LM308 under the hood. Very sweet sounding! This one was a birthday gift for my friend Jacob Håål.

Drive 50

Modified with a volume knob!

Drive 50. This is the classic DIY project, the Electra distortion. Built on veroboard. It's a simple circuit but it sounds great. The only problem with this overdrive is the slight boost of the signal when engaged. To be able to control the output I had to modify it with a volume control (see abow).

Iron Fist Booster

The Iron Fist Booster is built around a PCB from I have modified it with switchable diod clipping to make it more of an distortion pedal. For sale. 500.- SEK

Cocktail Phaser

This is a clone of the MXR Phase 45. Instructions on how to build it is available at
Great sounding Phaser!

Pretty Pretty Fuzz

The Pretty Pretty Fuzz is a Fuzz/Octafuzz. It is actually two effects in one box. First a modified Moody Fuzz ( and then a Green Ringer clone from You can switch them on and off independently or combine them together. SOLD!