Thursday, June 9, 2011

Triceratops Bass Fuzz

Clone of the Wooly Mammoth made on vero. Thanks to IvIark for the layout. This one is for a friend who plays an active Sandberg California so I implemented the push/relax impedance control from the Mastotron. This one roars!!!

Deep Sea Delay

This is a Rebote 2.5 from a very nice analog voiced digital delay. Etched and sprayed in sparkling green.

Monday, June 6, 2011

River Perch Cream Fuzz

This is a birthday present for my friend Per. It's a Big Muff type of circuit, a clone of the Creamy Dreamer. Sounds really thick with a long sustain. Thanks to IvIark for the vero layout

"Borstspindeln" Bass compression

This is a vero build of the John Hollis - Flatline Compressor modified for bass. Made as a birthday present for my friend Kristina's boyfriend. They have a band together called "Borstspindeln" which is swedish for "Brush Spider" which isn't really a real spider I think. The word comes from a mixup of the saying "att röka som en borstbindare", some of you Swedes may know what I'm talking about..